Medical Weight Loss

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Medically Managed Weight Loss

We offer Medically Managed Weight Loss based on biology. Results that are sustainable. We offer GLP-1 (Compounded Semaglutide) injections given once weekly. These medications reduce inflammation, decrease your motivation to eat, delay gastric emptying & regulates your blood sugar. Unfortunately, it is very expensive & most insurances won’t cover it but we are able to offer the medication through a compound pharmacy at a much more affordable price and the medicine can be shipped directly to you. No stimulants or habit forming medications. We recommend & can order lab work for your convenience. Virtual Consults are available and very convenient.

Questions & Answers

Pricing: $699.00 for Twelve (12) weeks (that’s less than $59.00 per week)

What’s included?
  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Our Compounded Semaglutide / GLP-1 w/Lipo B12 & all Supplies to administer same (if prescribed)
  • Medically Followed Program w/unlimited access to Ms. Roy via email
  • Delivered directly to your door with no additional shipping
Will my insurance cover this?
  • No, unfortunately it does not.
Where are you located?
  • Somerset, Ky BUT serving ALL OF KENTUCKY through Telehealth consults.
Are there other options?
  • Yes, other options are available during your complimentary consultation.

The Results Are In!

Six (6) Week Results

Seven (7) Weeks – 12 Lbs Down

Three (3) Months – 24 lbs Lost

50 lbs Down

32 lbs Down

40 Lbs Down

20 Lbs Down in 6 Weeks

41 lbs Down in Six Months

20 Lbs Down in 6 Weeks

40 Lbs Down

23 Lbs Down in 16 Weeks

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